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About Us

Manasquan Bank has been dedicated to helping our community grow and thrive since 1874 with mortgages, construction loans, business loans, and everyday banking like checking and savings accounts. As technology has evolved, so have traditional banking capabilities and we take pride in providing you with the latest banking solutions. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to help you attain your goals—for personal finance, business management, loans, and more. Our main objective is and always has been to help our clients prosper.

When you visit our branches, you’ll always be greeted by friendly, familiar faces ready to help. On the phone, you’ll have direct access to our associates and you’ll always be able to connect with a person who knows you and who understands your unique banking needs. And, for your convenience, you can bank online, 24/7 on our website and through our secure mobile app. We’re dedicated to our commitment to our clients and we look forward to serving you today and for the long haul. Stop into one of our locations today and let’s get started.

Statement of Condition for December 31, 2020



Empowerment of Manasquan Bank’s team to work in concert with partners in the community and internal fellow teammates to create an environment that fosters the provision of the best in class service.


Position Manasquan Bank for continuous improvement of the customer experience, service delivery and efficiency.


Establish Manasquan Bank as a Community Banking leader in identifying and implementing innovative and leading edge technology based solutions for an exceptional customer experience.

Relevance and Sustainability

Position Manasquan Bank to provide extraordinary service through multiple delivery channels with relevant and innovative products, while maintaining a superior financial position and delivering consistent, sustainable and improving financial results.



In always being a client centric organization, recognizing that there are market choices and
differentiation that occurs through product and service delivery.

In meritocracy where our employees are a treasured resource. Employees are to be rewarded
based on contribution to the organization’s health and well being as measured financially, socially,
culturally and from a community-based perspective.

It is imperative to continually strive towards being an essential player in the community banking

Durability results from fostering long term banking relationships rather than conducting
financial transactions.

In community investment and support through its Foundation, volunteer activities and financial
activities are all an integral part of the core of the enterprise.

In order to deliver on each of our tenets in the belief statements we must promote careful, rational,
profitable, controlled strategic growth and financial discipline.



Board of Directors


James S. Vaccaro

Chair, President and CEO

Mail Icon for James S. Vaccaro User Icon for James S. Vaccaro

Mark Beriault

Senior Executive Vice President,
Chief Lending Officer

Mail Icon for Mark Beriault User Icon for Mark Beriault

Catherine Franzoni

Senior Executive Vice President,
Chief Operating Officer

Mail Icon for Catherine Franzoni User Icon for Catherine Franzoni

Lisa Roettger

Executive Vice President &
Chief Human Resources Officer

Mail Icon for Lisa Roettger User Icon for Lisa Roettger

Michael Malloy

Senior Executive Vice President, 

Chief Financial Officer

Mail Icon for Michael Malloy User Icon for Michael Malloy


Suellen Arecchi

Vice President,
BSA Officer

Mail Icon for Suellen Arecchi User Icon for Suellen Arecchi

Nancy Canary

Senior Vice President,

Mail Icon for Nancy Canary User Icon for Nancy Canary

Jeffery Casten

Senior Vice President,
Director Commercial Lending

Mail Icon for Jeffery Casten User Icon for Jeffery Casten

Luke Caverly

Senior Vice President,

Commercial Lending

Mail Icon for Luke Caverly User Icon for Luke Caverly

Lisa Colonno

Vice President, Branch Operations and

Client Support

Mail Icon for Lisa Colonno User Icon for Lisa Colonno

Beth Culos

Senior Vice President,
Commercial Loan Servicing Manager

Mail Icon for Beth Culos User Icon for Beth Culos

Robert Hart

Senior Vice President,
Director of Residential Lending

Mail Icon for Robert Hart User Icon for Robert Hart

Rich Lanza

Senior Vice President,
Chief Technology Officer

Mail Icon for Rich Lanza User Icon for Rich Lanza

Loralee Neyland

Senior Vice President,
Commercial Lending

Mail Icon for Loralee Neyland User Icon for Loralee Neyland

Christina Paccione

Senior Vice President,
Commercial Lender

Mail Icon for Christina Paccione User Icon for Christina Paccione

Jennie Piperi

Senior Vice President,
Marketing and Digital Operations Officer

Mail Icon for Jennie Piperi User Icon for Jennie Piperi

Ann Slavick

Vice President,
Retirement Accounts Administrator and

Deposit and Marketing Compliance Officer

Mail Icon for Ann Slavick User Icon for Ann Slavick

Nancy Steck

Vice President,
Regional Branch Manager

Mail Icon for Nancy Steck User Icon for Nancy Steck

Alan J Stuart

Senior Vice President,
Corporate Secretary, Branch Operations Administrator and

Implementation Officer

Mail Icon for Alan J Stuart User Icon for Alan J Stuart

Jennifer Weisert

Vice President,
Regional Branch Manager

Mail Icon for Jennifer Weisert User Icon for Jennifer Weisert

Mary Anne Whittemore

Senior Vice President,
Commercial Lending

Mail Icon for Mary Anne Whittemore User Icon for Mary Anne Whittemore

Steve Yarosz

Vice President,

Mail Icon for Steve Yarosz User Icon for Steve Yarosz


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