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About Us

Why Us?

Relationships have been at the forefront of the Manasquan Bank experience since 1874.

Today, we’re looking ahead to a future where your financial needs are anticipated and met with innovative solutions that accommodate every lifestyle and life stage.

  • Searching for your first home?
    Online applications and user-friendly tools make it easy to prequalify for lending opportunities and compare mortgage rates.
  • Banking for business?
    Create a platform for your business accounts, then customize access so your whole team can make the most of it.
  • Is retirement on your mind?
    Personalized insights can help you maximize your portfolio and enjoy your leisure years to their fullest.

Statement of Condition 2023

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Welcome to Banking Made for You

Welcome to Banking Made for You

With expansive digital capacities, we’re able to move at your pace—as you travel, throughout your life. Whether you’re banking on the go or visiting a local branch, you will always encounter superior client service from a knowledgeable team that’s ready to help you achieve your goals.

Because technology may have changed the face of traditional banking, but it has not changed our core values. We’re proud to say that our focus has always been your financial success.

The first step is letting us get to know you. What are you planning for, and how can we help you get there?

Customize your own recommendations below.

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Environmental, Social, Governance

Environmental, Social, Governance

Our environmental, social, and governance focus and commitments continue to be a common thread which are woven through the fabric of our institution.


The framework details Manasquan Bank’s collective vision beyond financial achievement, across three major areas, including:

  • Fostering a productive, inclusive, and inspiring working environment where all employees feel they are valued, have the ability to make a meaningful positive impact and are appropriately recognized and belong.

  • Upholding ethical business practices and ensuring the Manasquan Bank experience remains safe and secure for every client and assist those clients in mitigating their carbon footprint by providing innovative digital banking solutions.

  • Providing support to a wide variety of community non-profit organizations with involvement efforts that go beyond just banking. Whether the bank is providing assistance for not-for-profit fundraisers, cleaning up beaches, or offering time serving on non-profit Boards, Manasquan Bank is committed to assist in building and responsibly growing thriving communities.

Our Beliefs

  • We are committed to maintaining our mutuality –directed and managed according to the best interest of our clients and the communities we operate in.

  • We are a client centric organization, recognizing that differentiation occurs through product and service delivery through a range of delivery methods.

  • We believe our people are our treasured resource. We treat every colleague with respect, and we recognize and reward them for contributing to the organization from a community-based perspective.

  • We strive to be the essential leader among community banks.

  • Our long-term success lies in nurturing personal and business relationships, rather than simply conducting financial transactions.

  • Our Foundation, volunteer activities, and fiduciary trust are integral to the core of our enterprise.

  • Our premier banking professionals coupled with a competitive and digital platform will enable our clients to conduct all aspects of business effectively and conveniently.

  • We are dedicated to inclusion, integration, awareness and appreciation of all cultures and views. Our commitment to diversity is not only embodied in our culture but is demonstrated through our actions.

  • To deliver on each of our principles in the belief statements we must promote careful, rational, profitable and controlled strategic growth and financial discipline that continues to result in a well-capitalized organization.

Our Core Values



We work collaboratively with one another and our community in order to achieve best-in-class service that puts people first.

Relevance & Sustainability


As we innovate, we focus on channels and methods that are sustainable for the long-term and deliver consistent, improving financial results.



We are always in pursuit of excellence. That involves a commitment to continuously reviewing and improving your client experience, services, and efficiency.



We will continue identifying and implementing leading-edge services and technology-informed solutions that help you get closer to your financial goals.

Our Beliefs

Our Mission

To bthe most responsive client-centric full-service community bank; while maintaining our long-term independence by deliberate preservation of our mutual status.

Our Mission (1)

Our Team


James S. Vaccaro

Chair of the Board

Theodore F. Raffetto

Lead Director

Andy Sisti

Board Member 

Christopher R. Housen

Board Member

Ann Noble

Board Member

Jenniffer Collins

Board Member

James S. Hickey

Board Member

Katherine J. Liseno

Board Member

Janine Akey

Board Member

Ed Skoudis

Board Member

Joe Jeter

Board Member

Andrew Drechsler

Board Member


James S Vaccaro

President and CEO


Mark Beriault

Senior Executive Vice President,
Chief Lending Officer


Catherine Franzoni

Senior Executive Vice President,
Chief Operating Officer


Lisa Roettger

Senior Executive Vice President &
Chief Human Resource Officer


Michael Malloy

Senior Executive Vice President, 
Chief Financial Officer



Jeffery Casten

Executive Vice President,
Director of Commercial Lending


Robert Hart

Executive Vice President,
Director of Residential Lending


Rich Lanza

Senior Vice President,
Chief Technology Officer


Jennie Piperi

Executive Vice President,

Director of Marketing, Digital Operations Officer


Alan J Stuart

Senior Vice President,
Corporate Secretary,
Branch Operations Administrator


Timothy Dempsey

Executive Vice President,

Chief Credit Officer


Suellen Arecchi

Senior Vice President,

BSA & Deposit Compliance Officer


Luanne Siverio, CRCM

Senior Vice President,

CRA & Compliance Officer


Ann Slavick

Senior Vice President

Retirement Accounts Administrator, Subpoena Compliance, Marketing Compliance


Manasquan Bank Sponsorship Request

Sponsorship Request

Can we help your organization with a sponsorship? Completing the following form to the best of your abilities is the first step to gaining a sponsorship for your upcoming event.

Please provide as much detail as possible and attach any support documents such as event flyers, sponsorship forms, etc. Allow three to six weeks for Manasquan Bank to process your request. The bank also prioritizes donations for community development causes and organizations with whom Manasquan Bank maintains a banking relationship.  (Please note that if you are requesting a grant, please visit the Manasquan Bank Charitable Foundation page).  

For more information or questions regarding your request, please contact: [email protected].

Sponsorship Request

Media and Contact

For Media Inquires please hit the button below to contact the Marketing Team.  

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