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Never Worry, Always Know

Care-free banking helps businesses focus on the bigger picture. Part of that philosophy is establishing Real Time Alerts.

This means that your account is automatically set up to inform you about actions or movements taking place that you’d want to know about.

But more important, it means you don’t need to be thinking about those accounts when there aren’t any alerts—because everything is running smoothly, as you need it to.

Maybe you’d like to know when the company credit card is used. Or perhaps you’d like to know when a withdrawal over a certain limit is requested. Maybe you simply want to know when your loan payments are due or if there’s a new e-Statement. Whatever the case may be, we can help you establish an alert for your email or text messages.

And when there’s silence in between? You’re out there chasing the next big thing.

Benefits & Features

Set up alerts for dozens of customizable actions, including but not limited to:

  • A purchase is made with your debit card
  • A check is cleared with a higher amount than you cleared
  • A loan payment is due
  • An automated bill payment is scheduled or has been sent

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