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At Manasquan Bank, we’re dedicated to helping our clients make the most of those innovations in a rapidly changing world.

We want you to have the best of it all—and understand how you can make the most of these solutions in order to optimize your finances.

With online personal banking, you can easily check your balance anytime. Or, you can have your monthly statements made available electronically (as eStatements) and stored in your account for anytime reference and comparison. You can transfer money between your accounts—but you can also send money to friends or establish recurring monthly bill payments online.

We know that a big part of online personal banking is information management. That includes editing and organizing your transactions in a way that makes sense to you—and then exporting your data to your accounting software for tax purposes.

And, of course, the biggest thing we care about is ensuring the security of our clients. Manasquan Bank invests in the highest caliber of cybersecurity technology to protect each and every account. And we’re always happy to explain what protections are in place for the features and solutions you choose.

Benefits & Features

Online personal banking comes with many benefits to help you manage your finances, including:

  • Check Real Time Balances
  • Set Up Real Time Account Alerts
  • Pay Bills using BillPay
  • Send Money to Friends or Family with Zelle
  • Send External Transfers with TransferNow
  • Transfer Funds between Accounts
  • View eStatements and Check Images
  • View Extended Checking and Savings History with eStatements
  • View Pie Charts with Income or Spending Reports
  • Categorize Transactions and Edit Descriptions
  • Export Transactions to Accounting and Tax Programs
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