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How to Complete a Wire Transfer Any Time, Anywhere

February 27, 2017

The wire transfer is an essential part of virtually any business. While the transfer itself has always been relatively fast, the traditional process for completing a wire transfer is rather time-consuming. Is there a better way?

Business Banking on the Go
Manasquan Bank knows that business owners can always use a little more time in their days–that’s why we offer remote wire transfers for same-day delivery with our business banking.

Instead of having to be by the computer and/or visit the bank in person, you can transfer money directly from your mobile device. On a business trip that went so well, the contract is signed? Eliminate lead-time and get your vendors started immediately with a remote wire transfer. Late payment warning while you’re on family vacation in Florida? Pay the invoice on the beach, without even having to put down your piña colada.

Safe, Simple & Convenient
A wire transfer has always been one of the safest ways to exchange money. Neither the sender nor receiver ever handles any cash, and the transaction is completed by the respective parties’ banks, electronically. Your and your recipients’ information can be entered and managed digitally.

When you consider the combination of safety, simplicity and convenience that remote wire transfers offer, the benefits to your business become clear. As coastal New Jersey’s local, loyal bank for nearly 150 years, Manasquan Bank continues to show its commitment to helping local businesses thrive. We provide all of the benefits of a large national bank, with personalized service and local knowledge. Contact me today to learn more about remote wire transfers and our business banking toolkit.

Kathie Adams
Senior Vice President, Cash Management/Business Development
Phone: (732) 292-8476


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