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Online Banking FAQ

Online banking has transformed the way that our clients engage with Manasquan Bank. We’re thrilled to help you make the most of our complete digital experience, so please feel free to explore our answers, solutions, and recommendations below—based on popular topics and frequently asked questions. However, if there’s something you’d like to discuss further, you can always contact us directly.

Online Banking

What Is Online Banking?
What Kind of Bank Account Do I Need to Use Online Banking?
How Do I Get Started?
How Soon Can I Start Using Online Banking?
How Much Does Online Banking Cost?
How Often Is My Account Information Updated?
What If I Open a Manasquan Bank Account After I’m Set Up for Online Banking?
Is There a Maximum Number of Daily Transactions My Online Banking Account Will Process?
Can I Use Online Banking with My Business Account?
How Do I Use My Checking Account with Online Banking?
Where Can I View Check Images?
How Do I Deposit Money Into My Account?
How Can I View Transactions By Date and/or Amount?
Can I View Transactions That Are Pending?
How Much Transaction History Can I View?
Can I Transfer Money Between Different Banks?
Do I Have Access to My Account via Telephone If I’m Not at My Computer?


What Is SecureNow?
How Does SecureNow Prevent Against Fraud?
How Do I Get Started with SecureNow?
What Is the Phone Number the Code Will Come From?
Is SecureNow Available on the Mobile Banking App?


Is Online Banking Secure?
Can Anyone Else View My Account Information?
What Should I Do If I Forget My Password?
Does Manasquan Bank Use Cookies?
What Is Online Banking and Data Security?

Hardware & Software

Do I Need Software?
Will Retail Online 5.1 Work with Every Device?
Which Browsers Should I Use?
Why Do I Need a Secure Browser to Bank with Manasquan Bank?
Why Does Online Banking Only Support 128-bit Encryption?


How Do eStatements Work?
Who Can Receive an eStatement?
Where Do I View My eStatements?
Will I Need Special Software or Hardware to View My eStatements?
When Will My eStatements Be Available to View?
How Do I Sign Up for eStatements?
Who Can I Contact for Help Signing Up for eStatements?

Bill Pay

How Does Online Bill Pay Work?
Who Can I Pay with the Bill Pay Option?
What If the Person I’m Sending a Bill Pay to Doesn’t Accept Electronic Payments?
Can I Use Bill Pay to Pay Recurring Bills Automatically?
Can I Cancel a Bill Payment or Recurring Payment Once It Is Initiated?
What Should I Do If a Payee Has Not Posted My Payment?
What Are Pending Payments?
What Should I Do If a Payee Has Not Posted My Payment?
What Is Quick Pay?

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