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A Quick Tip for Each Daily Theme During America Saves Week 2019

February 26, 2019

A Quick Tip for Each Daily Theme During America Saves Week 2019

Every year, more than 2,000 organizations nationwide participate in America Saves Week, motivating and encouraging consumers to save money, reduce debt and build wealth. In 2018, banks and credit unions reported $71,339,682 deposited into new accounts and $614,309,960 deposited into existing accounts during America Saves Week.

With America Saves Week 2019 taking place from February 25-March 2, here’s a look at the daily themes throughout the week and how Manasquan Bank can help you accomplish them.


Monday, February 25: Save with a Plan

What do you envision for your family’s future? Is it a new home? The joy of entrepreneurship? The pride in sending your child to college? Create a savings plan, and then choose a savings account that makes it easy and advantageous to consistently put money away.


Tuesday, February 26: Save the Easy Way (Automatically)

There are many ways to set your savings on autopilot. A Club Savings Account, for example, takes automatic transfers from your checking account to help you stay on track toward your goal. Or, you might consider having your paycheck automatically deposited into a savings account and transferring only the money you need into your checking account.


Wednesday, February 27: Save for the Unexpected

The key to saving for what you want is saving for what you don’t want. By that, we mean creating a buffer for the financial stressors that happen out of nowhere and force us to spend money unexpectedly. Maybe it’s a flood in your basement, or a week of work missed because of the flu. An Infinity Saver account helps you save a little extra for these types of events with no monthly maintenance fee, no minimum balance and monthly rewards and refunds on ATM fees when you meet qualifications.


Thursday, February 28: Save to Retire

At Manasquan Bank, we give you the power to save for retirement with exceptional wealth building tools to grow your money safely, securely, and with local service every step of the way. We offer short- to long-term options with plenty of flexibility as well as competitive rates. Many people choose a Traditional or Roth IRA to accumulate retirement funds over time.


Friday, March 1: Save the Extra

Pro tip for easy additional savings: Online Bill Pay. By avoiding late fees on missed payments, you’re saving a little more and also helping your credit score in the process. This feature is completely free as part of our Online Banking suite, and you can meet with a Digital Expert for in-person setup assistance. Book an appointment, bring any bills you want to add to Bill Pay, and get hands-on training from one of our friendly associates—it’s that easy.


Saturday, March 2: Save as a Family

Smart saving habits start at a young age when you open a Young Savers Account for your child. This account is designed to teach children ages 5-18 the value of saving, and even provides them with their very own passbook to watch their money grow. Make saving a family value!


How can we help you harness the power of saving money for the future? Find a Manasquan Bank branch near you and meet with your own personal banking specialist today.

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