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Metuchen Branch Relocation Project

Metuchen Branch Relocation Project


  • On Friday, May 12, 2023, the existing branch located at 442 Main Street, along with the ATMs, will close at 3:00PM and will NOT be available over the weekend. As always, you can access all of your accounts online 24 hours a day using our digital banking solutions. 
  • On Monday, May 15, 2023, the new branch located at 429 Main Street, including the ATMs, will open at 8:00AM.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to share that the new Manasquan Bank office building to be the new home of our Metuchen branch and Northern Administrative Office will be open for clients on Monday, April 24. The new building, dedicated to Katherine J. Liseno, will be situated on our existing Manasquan Bank property at 429 Main Street, the cornerstone of downtown Metuchen. 

What will happen to 442 Main Street?

The current branch was listed for sale and the location where the drive-thru is located will be donated to the town of Metuchen. The town will create a Pocket Park for the community so residents have a space on Main Street to enjoy for years to come! Follow our social media for the date of the dedication of the special space! 

When is the Grand Opening event of the 429 Main Street location?

 We are still waiting on a date for the Vault Door to be on display, follow us on social media to make sure you are part of all of the excitement and giveaway

Why aren’t you remodeling your existing branch at 442 Main Street?

Our existing branch has configurations that restrain us from creating a space with the functionality, efficiency, and features we desire for our clients, colleagues, and community members. The new branch will provide the Metuchen community with visual and functional flair showcasing our vision for the Manasquan Bank of the future.

What will happen to the existing branch at 442 Main Street?

 Shortly after we fully vacate, the property will be subdivided. The bank building, which includes the branch parking lot, will be listed for sale. The exterior property that contains the drive-thru lanes will be donated and transferred to the Metuchen Borough to be developed into a community park.

What will happen to the Vault Door?

We are pleased to reveal that the antique Mosler Safe Company vault door will be relocated to the new branch building.  We are still waiting on a date, continue to follow on social media TBD.

What are the benefits of building a new branch?

Our clients will enjoy an updated and modern lobby experience featuring “universal service” bankers at desk-like pods in place of a traditional teller counter. In addition to two fully functional drive-through lanes, access to ATM and a convenient bike rack. We will also have a Community Room that local groups can utilize during banking business hours.

Our Metuchen-based loan officers and retail team members will all be able to work in the same building. Our staff is looking forward to being in closer proximity to each other for more efficient support and collaboration.

Who is doing the demolition and construction?

Vericon is the contractor for this project. They are a long- time partner of ours and have helped us with several other construction projects over the past few years.

What will happen to my safe deposit box?

 The contents of the safe deposit boxes do not need to be removed but clients can remove the contents if they feel more comfortable. A letter with detailed information was sent to the clients.


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