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Mobile Banking FAQ

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about mobile banking below. We hope this knowledge bank empowers you to make the most of our mobile banking solutions. However, if you’re still wondering about a particular feature, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.


What Is Mobile Banking?
Is Mobile Banking Secure?
Is My Personal or Financial Information Stored on My Phone?
Are There Fees to Use Mobile Banking?
Which Accounts Can I Access in Mobile Banking?
How Current Is the Account and Transaction Information?
Can I Add More Than One Mobile Phone?
What If My Phone Number Changes?
What If My Phone Is Lost or Stolen?
Which Phones Can I Use for Mobile Banking?
Which Mobile Service Carriers Support Mobile Banking?
I Have a Prepaid Plan. Can I Use Mobile Banking?
How Do I Stop Using Mobile Banking on My Phone?

Mobile Check Deposit

What Is Mobile Check Deposit?
What Types of Checks Can Be Deposited?
How Much Can Be Deposited?
How Are Deposit Limits Determined?
When Will Check Deposits Be Posted?
When Will Funds Be Available?
How Should the Check Be Endorsed?
Whats Happens to the Paper Check?


How Do I Get Started with Mobile Banking?
Do I Have to Agree to the Terms and Conditions to Use Mobile Banking?
Can I Register Multiple Users to the Same Phone?
I Received My Activation Code But Never Used It. What Should I Do?
I Haven’t Received the Activation Code on My Mobile Phone. What Should I Do?


What Are Alerts?
What Is the Difference Between the Text Messaging Service and the Alerts Service?
How Do I Stop Receiving Alerts?

Text Messaging Service

What Do I Need to Use the Text Messaging Service?
Why Are My Mobile Banking Text Messages Coming From 48179?
Are the Keywords Case-Sensitive?
What Does a Typical Request and Response Look Like?
What Should I Do iIf I Don’t Get a Response to a Request?
What Is a Short Code?
What Do You Mean When You Say, "Message and Data Rates May Apply"?
Where Do I Send My Text Messages?
What Are the Text Messaging Keywords and How Do I Use Them?
Can I Send a Keyword via Email?
Why Are My Results Sent as Multiple Messages?
I Received My Results in Multiple Messages. Some Arrived Quickly, But Others Didn’t. Why?
I Have Text Messaging Enabled on My Mobile Phone. Why Can’t I Receive Mobile Banking Text Messages?

Mobile Browser Service

What Do I Need to Use the Mobile Browser Service?
How Do I Access the Mobile Banking Website?
I Can’t Find My Link to the Mobile Banking Website. What Should I Do?
When I Click the Link for the Mobile Banking Website, Nothing Happens. What Should I Do?

Downloadable Application Service

What Do I Need to Download the Mobile Banking Application?
When I Click the Link to Download Mobile Banking, Nothing Happens. What Should I Do?

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