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Sometimes businesses need a cash infusion to get bigger and Manasquan Bank offers plenty of Loan Options to help you grow. We’re here to help you access the funds you need. Unlike many large banks, all lending decisions are made at the local level. You can connect with a member of our executive management team, and together, you can explore the options that work best for your goals, timeline, and budget. Our entire lending team is under one roof, which means quick lending decisions and getting on with business without delay.

Commercial Lending Team

Image of Mark Beriault
Mark Beriault

Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

NMLS# 1063426

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Office: (732) 292-8455

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Image of Jeffery Casten
Jeffery Casten

Senior Vice President, Director of Commercial Lending

NMLS# 1063962

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Office: (732) 292-8454

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Image of Mary Anne Whittemore
Mary Anne Whittemore

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending

NMLS# 1063429

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Office: (732) 292-8430

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Image of Luke Caverly
Luke Caverly

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending

NMLS# 1436864

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Office: (732) 292-8441

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Image of Loralee Neyland
Loralee Neyland

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending

NMLS# 1620190

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Office: (732) 292-8409

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Image of Christina Paccione
Christina Paccione

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender

NMLS# 1746978

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Office: (732) 722-5046

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Image of Michael Carafa
Michael Carafa

Vice President, Commercial Lender

NMLS# 1108535

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Office: (732) 722-5911

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Jason Todaro

Vice President, Commercial Lender

NMLS# 1948390

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Office: (732) 292 8473

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Armando Faria

Vice President, Commercial Lender

NMLS# 405594

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Office: (732) 710 4381

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Mark Starr

Vice President, Commercial Lending Officer

NMLS #1232019

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Office: 732.722.5816

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John Schrader

Vice President, Commercial Lending Officer

NMLS: #2261020

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Office: 732.800.0384

Email John

Ron Romeo

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender

NMLS# 2267825

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Office: 732.800.0334

Mobile: 732.275.5086

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Commercial Real Estate Lending

Sometimes you grow out of your space; sometimes other factors may promote a move. Sometimes you need to expand or reconfigure the space you’re already in. That’s okay. We can help. If buying, building, refinancing, or remodeling is in your future, we’ll work with you to formulate a financing solution to get your project off the ground, quickly and easily. Reach out and see how we can help.


Running a business means sometimes having to get creative when your accounts receivable aren’t coming in as fast as your accounts payable. You have immediate expenses, and we can help you cover them, and quickly. From accounts receivable to inventory financing and everything in between, our working capital or real estate secured lines of credit offer welcome relief with cash in hand when you need it. Let’s talk it over.


Keeping up with your competition means making sure you have the most up-to-date resources in order to expand. Manasquan Bank provides a number of predictable, fixed-rate loans to give you the financing you need to purchase or replace fixed assets or whatever improvements you need to make. Contact us today with your capital needs.


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