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A Secret Superpower for the Risk-Averse

Your team is excellent at monitoring your money and making sure that it’s all in the right place—but they shouldn’t have to!

Manually balancing your books and tallying your transactions is a thing of the past. With Positive Pay/Account Reconciliation, your business banking accounts are being scanned in real time, making sure that every dollar adds up … and makes sense.

If anything seems unusual, Positive Pay alerts you, so you can review the questionable deposit, withdrawal, scheduled payment, or other flagged transaction.

The bottom line is that your bottom line will always add up (or you’ll know right away, and we can help you spot the issue and fix it). Until then, your team can focus on other important matters—like how to grow those sums going forward.

Benefits & Features

Benefits of this state-of-the-art system include:

    • Real-time reporting
    • Automatic error detection
    • Inconsistency flagging
    • Time-saving security
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Protect your accounts today—ask us how to get started.

Positive Pay FAQ

What is Positive Pay?
How does Positive Pay work?
How often can the I upload files/information to the Positive Pay system?
What if a check is written after a file has been submitted?
What documentation is needed?
Where do I obtain the file necessary for the Positive Pay system?
What information must the file contain?
Are there any fees associated with Positive Pay?
Can there be multiple Positive Pay users?
What is the cutoff time?
Does someone from the Bank contact me if a decision has not been made by cutoff time?

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