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Nothing Should Stand Between You and Your Sale

When your customers are ready to make a purchase, your only response should be, “And how will you be paying today?” Whether it’s cash, check, credit card, or even a debit card, the expectation for modern businesses is that you’ll be able to accept it.

Manasquan Bank enables businesses to accept as many payment processing solutions as possible in order to help you close every sale. You should never have to turn someone away once you’ve successfully led them all the way to your checkout line. Especially not over a tiny piece of plastic.

Merchant Services empowers your business to accept credit cards, checks, and most debit cards. Plus, we can assist you with setting your business up to sell and accept gift cards. Credit cards include Mastercard®, American Express, and VISA. You can manage the transactions right on our site using real-time tools that suit every industry.

And if you’ve got questions about how to set it up, train your staff, or find custom solutions, then you’ll love the fact that your account comes with access to a knowledgeable customer service team.

Benefits & Features

In addition to expanding your range of acceptable payment options, look forward to:

    • Fast funding
    • No hidden fees
    • Options for equipment rental or purchase
    • Complimentary cost comparison
    • Fast, responsive client service
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