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Round Up Application

Round up and save.

Introducing our Round Up Savings Program!

Anytime you use your Manasquan Bank Debit Mastercard® for point-of-sale (POS) purchases, we’ll round up the total purchase to the nearest whole dollar and automatically deposit the difference into your designated checking or savings account.  

Plus, you can enjoy:

  • Free enrollment
  • Round up purchases to the nearest whole dollar
  • Or add an additional $1.00 - $5.00 for even more savings

Complete the form below to start rounding up your change!

Round UP

Round Up Savings Program Terms & Conditions
You must have a Manasquan Bank Debit Mastercard®, a personal checking account and an additional account to receive the transfer deposits. This program is not available to Business, Money Market or HSA accounts.
You may enroll or unenroll at any time at any branch location or through the bank’s website at Enrollment is associated with the checking account and the program will apply to all active debit cards associated with the enrolled checking account. You cannot enroll or remove individual debit cards associated with your checking account. If you enroll and later receive a new debit card due to your card being lost, stolen or reissued, your participation in the program will continue.
Each debit card purchase made by you will be rounded up to the nearest dollar amount, between $1 - $5, as chosen by you at the time of enrollment. Transfers will be completed in one lump sum the next business day and credited to your designated passbook savings, statement savings or checking account. The debit transfer description will say: POS ROUND UP WITHDRAWAL. The credit transfer description will say: ROUND UP DEPOSIT FROM CHECKING. Whole dollar transactions do not qualify and will not be rounded up. If the available amount of the checking is less than the aggregate transfer amount, the transfer will not occur. Certificates of Deposit and Individual Retirement Accounts are not eligible to receive a transfer.
Any card-present signature purchase or Personal Identification Number (PIN) purchase transaction made using a Manasquan Bank Debit Mastercard®.
Any cash withdrawal from an ATM or over-the-counter cash withdrawal; bill payment transactions using Online Banking; cash back received at a point-of-sale device; Online Banking transfers between checking and savings; and electronic one-time or recurring ACH debit transactions.
By my signature below, I agree to and confirm my understanding of the Terms & Conditions stated above and wish to enroll in Manasquan Bank’s Round Up Savings Program. I authorize Manasquan Bank to round up any qualifying debit card purchase made from my enrolled checking account to the nearest dollar amount as chosen by me and transfer the round up amount to my designated savings/checking account.
Please retain a copy of these Terms & Conditions for your records.

Round Up

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