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If you’re looking for up-to-the-minute insights when you’re managing your debit card, then you’ll rest easy with CardHub, which is easily accessed from our mobile app. In one centralized location, you can see all of your card’s recent purchases and activities—along with geographic location and merchant name.

That way, you won’t need to worry about where your card is or if anyone’s using it who shouldn’t be. You don’t need to wait until your statement appears to find out that something looks wrong. In fact, you can turn on instant notifications for all activity. And if you’re suspicious, you can turn off the card instantly from your account.

Plus, CardHub gives you the ability to easily request a new card, report a lost card, or add your card to a mobile wallet (like Apple Pay or Google Wallet).

Best of all? It’s available anytime on your mobile app. You don’t need to fetch your wallet and you certainly don’t need your computer. With a few taps, you’re looking at everything you need to know for complete peace of mind.

Benefits & Features

Features include:

    • Report a lost or stolen card
    • Easily add your card to a mobile wallet
    • Request a new card
    • Advise the bank of your travel plans
    • Set up fraud alerts
    • Instant activity account alerts
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