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Escrow Management Account

Manage it all in one place!

Operating a Master Escrow Account means spending less of your valuable time managing all of your individual escrow accounts.  Less hassle with managing all of the back and forth to the bank to maintain the information for each sub-account on your system.  No more preparing the year-end 1099 forms.  Let us help by opening a Master Account at Manasquan Bank. 

Saving Time and Resources for:

      • Realtors
      • Attorneys
      • Builders
      • Title Agencies
      • Municipalities
      • Developers
      • Property Managers
      • Housing Authorities
      • Financial Officers
      • Landlords

How It Works:

      • We establish and track your escrow account and sub-accounts
      • We send you a comprehensive monthly statement summarizing the activity in the Master Account and detailing activity for the sub-accounts
      • You have immediate access to these funds by sending us an email and writing a check
      • We prepare 1099 forms for each of the sub-account holders
      • Each sub-account is FDIC insured to $250,000

Get Started Today!

Open a Master Account and a business checking account for disbursements.  Make deposits with a special deposit ticket which provides for the name, address and Tax ID number of your client.

When you require a disbursement, give us a call or drop us an email and we will transfer the funds into a disbursement account, you make the payment and off you go without stepping into the bank. 

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